Super-Duper 8

Super-duper 8 is a wide-screen super 8 film format. The concept behind super-duper 8 is identical to that behind super 16: expose the far edge of the film, normally reserved for sound tracks, thereby capturing a wider image.

The wide frame is achieved by widening the gate on the super 8 camera and then reframing the telecine film-to-tape transfer chain (featuring similarly widened projector gate).

The photo at top-right illustrates a normal super 8 frame. The black outline in the frame approximates the amount of usuable image area that results from a standard telecine process.

The middle photo outlines the additional frame area that results from the super-duper 8 process.

The bottom photo shows another typical super-duper 8 frame prior to 1.85 masking.

To read what others have said about super-duper 8, see the Press reviews.

While Sleep Always is the first feature-length movie to be shot on super-duper 8, the first super-duper 8 production to show publicly was Ignorancia, a music video Mitch and Rick made for Gesundheit, which screened on Much Music in Canada in early 2002.

For some historical information not covered here read the Super-Duper 8 article Rick Palidwor wrote for the Toronto film co-op LIFT.

Cameras used in the making of Sleep Always:

Nikon R10

Canon 814XLS

Nizo S560

Time Exposure Cameras

Accessories used in the making of Sleep Always:

Doorway Dolly

Boom Arm

Additional Lenses

Video Assist

Steadicam Junior Knock-off


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